Lovedale Cemetery Restoration Project


The Lawrence School, Lovedale Cemetery Restoration Project as on December 07, 2017


As you all know, the Old Lawrencian Association (OLA) had taken up the challenge of restoring and maintaining the School Cemetery. Those of you who have visited the Cemetery in the recent past would have noticed the sad state it is in with the compound wall broken, graves damaged and the graceful statue of the Angel vandalized.

Many of you have asked us why spend money on the Cemetery when there are more pressing infrastructure projects to fund. The answer to this is that the Cemetery is an important part of the School’s history and heritage and should be as dear to us as the Clock Tower, 67 Steps or Top Flats. To restore and preserve their graves would be to show respect to the staff members and their families who helped build this great institution.

The OLA Cemetery Committee has been at work since mid 2016 and we are now ready to start the restoration work. Ravi Gundu Rao and Associates, Mysore ( a well-known firm of Heritage Architects have been appointed as the Consultants for the Project. Their Report is available at:

Jeernodhar Conservators Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai ( a specialist in conservation projects will execute the work. The work will start in December 2017 and will be completed by May 2018, in time for Founders.

The estimated cost of the Restoration Project is Rs 25 lakhs. Allowing for about 10% escalation on account of contingencies, etc the cost will be limited to Rs 27.50 lakhs. As on date, Rs 2.87 lakhs has been spent on Architect Fees, travel costs, etc.

Funds collected are as follows:

Grant from the School for rebuilding the Compound wall Rs 4.00 lakhs
Grant from BACSA Rs 4.08 lakhs
Collections from Old Lawrencians Rs 8.62 lakhs
Total Rs 16.70 lakhs


We now need to raise the balance Funds of approx. Rs 12 lakhs and we need to do this by end January 2018 so that the work can go on uninterrupted and as per schedule.


This is an appeal to all OLs of all batches to contribute generously so that by Founders 2018,viewing the restored Cemetery will be part of the programme.  Please click on the link below for instructions on how to make your contributions.


This is how you can contribute. Every rupee counts. 


Never Give In,

Rukhmini Krishnan, 1961 – President OLA

Paul Sabapathy CBE, 1957

Zarir Batliwala, 1965




  1. ROLAND ROSARIO, 1954 Batch
    I visited the Alma Mater about five years, and walked to the Cemetery, which was not maintained at all. I am glad that the School has decided to upkeep and restore it. Please keep me informed as to the progress of this project.

  2. M.S.P. SENTHILKUMAR, 1966 Batch
    It was indeed very thoughtful of you, for having kept me informed of the updates regarding our School Cemetery. Yes, a beautiful landmark in Lovedale. I think we scared the ghosts more; than what we thought they did, when we played ‘ Captain & Kite ‘ on Saturday nights after dinner.

  3. Many OLs and “friends” have visited the Cemetery and no real concerns were raised until the tour of 2009 when the road after the Armoury proved difficult to negotiate and we appreciated the driver’s fine efforts to get us to our destination.
    Not one of us was prepared for the sight which awaited us – with the “jungle” having taking over the ground to the left and centre of the Cemetery with bits and pieces of headstones and surrounds everywhere – and many of the bricks used to support the surrounds exposed, Some graves to the right and top of the cemetery (including that of Mr Sabapathy and “Sargy” Nicholls) could be seen, but there was no chance of entering the grounds or reaching the centre and left side (where my uncle lies) – and our fond “Angel” had fallen.
    An attempt to visit the Cemetery in 2013 had to again be abandoned at the Armoury because the post Monsoon conditions had made the road impassable.


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