Sunday, July 22, 2018

Draft Budget 2014-2015

DRAFT OLA BUDGET- 2014-15 ROUTINE EXPENDITURE (Note- Previous year’s expenditure is shown in brackets) 1. Salary to staff               (42800/-)        50,000/- 2. Class 12 lunch              (25403/-)        30,000/- 3. Printing and stationary ...

Budget OLA 2018 -2019

The Budget for the OLA 2018 -2019

House Names

I was looking around the site and I just noticed that not all of the house names are there for people to chose from...

Rules of the OLA

Report from the Consultant – Projects and Alumni Relations 21 June2013

Dear Johnny and Team OLA Pleased to report on the progress of our new Alumni Office over the last 3 weeks. Between 3 and 21 June 2013,...

Accounts 2014-2105 (for AGM 22 May 2015)

Dear OLs you're requested to study the attachments and give the MC suggestions for improvement.   They contain the following ; 1). The audited accounts 2). The draft budget...


Dear OLs, I've attached the latest Newsletter for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it. Comments, suggestions and articles for our next issue is more...

is it

Senthi has very carefully worded his reply to questions on the AGM. On this website, he has reaffirmed that is the official OLA website. Yet...

Amendments to OLA By laws

Dear OLs, MC has been having continuous discussions with the rules committee and to ensure that rules are in conformity with Bylaws, two amendments are proposed for...
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Investiture Ceremony The Lawrence School, Lovedale

Investiture Speech Good Evening! 1. It makes me smile to be introduced as Krishnadev Rao in Lovedale. For every day of the 9 years I was...

Looking at Life

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Class 12, lunch with OLA Committee

On January 23 rd.  the OLA Committee hosted Class 12, batch of 2018, to lunch at the Ooty club. 81 students, 5 staff members and...

Deleting Posts under Forum Topics

How do I delete a post under a forum topic? e.g. this post: This Website - look, feel, content>Repository for Comments re to website design">My...

OL UK Newsletter – July 2013

The OL UK Newsletter No. 43 forwarded by Derek Gaw is attached

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