An accident guides Shaurya, OL Batch of ’13 to discover his passion

I’m a Chef Pastissiere and a food stylist.

Lawrence has taught me to be tough, independent, creative because of the school that it is. I think every OL would have the fondest memory of bribing Annas for food as a kid or getting the bakery prefs..this is a great beginning where a kid understands to eat what is being given and cherish it.

I’ve gone to schools/ colleges after Lawrence but none of them is the one from which I miss having food from except Lawrence. Being from the Army background means you have to travel a lot and hence it led me to one of the spectacular schools in India; a place called home away from home. To be honest, I never thought I would go into the profession, I am in if it wasn’t for a batch mate of mine from back in school days, helped me finding my college.

My grandad had been a hotelier and a pioneer in the industry, but never in my dreams I would’ve thought of becoming a chef let alone cook food in my own house. I love food, who doesn’t but then you don’t dream of becoming a chef, right? I always wanted to be in a creative field; I would say something more of designing sort of career.

The night before my JEE papers I had an accident and I was in the hospital for days, so it meant that I missed my exams. I would’ve given them again another year but I l didn’t want to drop out a year, so I ended up calling Rachit (who wanted to pursue the culinary career) out of the blue and inquired about colleges for hotel management. Surprisingly he himself never went for the career but he advised me about a great college to start my career with: IHM – Aurangabad (Taj Group of Hotels). From there I think it became a passion and a continuation of my family gene.

More importantly my mother was my greatest teacher. She always supported me and guided me through everything. We had an Italian restaurant franchise in New York which my mother used to run , but even though it was ours; I would be out on to the onion chopping station and learn my way up, so my actual beginning started not only before college but from the day I was born.


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