As you all know, the Old Lawrencian Association (OLA) had taken up the challenge of restoring and maintaining the School Cemetery. Those of you who have visited the Cemetery in the recent past would have noticed the sad state it is in with the compound wall broken, graves damaged and the graceful statue of the Angel vandalized. Many of you have asked us why spend money on the Cemetery when there are more pressing infrastructure projects to fund. The answer to this is that the Cemetery is an important part of the School’s history and heritage and should be as dear to us as the Clock Tower, 67 Steps or Top Flats. To restore and preserve their graves would be to show respect to the staff members and their families who helped build this great institution.
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    Rs.37,000.00 donated of Rs.650,000.00 goal
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    An Appeal for Funds for completion of Phase 2 of  The Lawrence School, Lovedale Cemetery Restoration Project

    1. In 2017, the OLA undertook a project to restore the School Cemetery which had fallen into a state of complete neglect and disrepair. Preliminary work began in mid-2017 with the appointment of Ravi Gundu Rao and Associates, Heritage Architects from Mysore as the Project Consultant. The Consultants submitted a detailed Project Report which was studied and approved by the OLA Cemetery Committee.
    2. By December, 2017 the Contractors, Jeernodhar Conservators, Mumbai, a firm specialising in restoration was appointed as the contractors. Jeernodhar had a team of around 20 skilled stone masons, sculptors and others on the site between January and May this year. Phase 1 of the Project was completed in time for Founders 2018. Phase 1 consisted of the repair and re-construction of the compound wall, restoration of around 150 graves and tombs and repairing the marble statue work which had been damaged.
    3. Phase 1 of the Restoration Project costed about Rs 33.50 lakhs which was funded as below:
    1 Individual Contributions from OLs Rs 15.00 lakhs
    2 Grant from the OLA Rs 5.00 lakhs
    3 Contribution by the Class of 1982 Rs 3.50 lakhs
    4 Grant by the Board of Governors, Lawrence School Rs7.50 lakhs
    5 Donation by BACSA Rs 4.00 lakhs
    Total Rs 35.00 lakhs


    The balance of Rs 1.50 lakhs has been carried forward to Phase 2, of which about Rs 1.00 lakhs has been earmarked as Retention Amount to be released to the Contractor after one year.

    1. Phase 2 of the Restoration Project was kept for the post Founders period. Phase 2 will consist of:
    1 Signage Rs 0.50 lakhs
    2 4’ Cobble Stone Pathway from the Gate to the Angel Statue Rs 4.00 lakhs
    3 Landscaping and Seating Rs 0.50 lakhs
    4 Re-engraving the names on some of the tombstones Rs 1.00 lakhs
    5 GST and Contingencies Rs 1.50 lakhs
    Total Rs 7.50 lakhs


    1. Phase 2 work has commenced with some of the carry over funds from Phase 1 and a few contributions from OLs.


    1. Signage is now completed with a large acrylic signboard placed at the entrance. This displays the Cemetery Layout with each grave numbered and a list of those buried in the graves with their age and date of birth. This will help visitors identify each grave which will provide a better appreciation of the dedicated staff and their families who lived and died in the service of the School.
    2. Some work towards seating and landscaping has also started.
    3. As we gather more funds, we shall start on the pathway and the balance restoration work.
    4. The School is committed to maintaining the Cemetery by doing a regular clean-up of the undergrowth and some minor repairs, for which we are grateful to the Board of Governors, the Head Master and the Bursar and his team.
    5. This is an appeal to all OLs to contribute generously towards our target of Rs 6.50 lakhs towards completion of Phase 2.
    6. When the OLA Committee took up this Project and the challenge to raise funds and complete Phase 1 in time for Founders 2018, our inspiration was our School motto “Never Give In” and it will continue to motivate us to complete the work and to preserve the Cemetery as a lodestone of a Restoration Project.

    Never Give In,

    Rukhmini Krishnan, 1961

    Paul Sabapathy CBE, 1957

    Zarir Batliwala, 1965


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