Elections to the OLA 2020

Dear OLA Members,

The By-Laws and Rules of the OLA require elections to be held every year to the Managing Committee, observed and managed by three acceding members. Accordingly, the Managing Committee for 2019 -2020 has appointed the following as observers for the election for 2020 -2021:

1.      Viju Parameshwar- 1968: [email protected]

2.      Anuli Katakam- 1990:  [email protected]

3.      Prashant Menon– 1994: [email protected]

Of the incumbents, Kartik Raghavamurty, is not eligible for re-election. According to the OLA By-laws, anybody who has served continuously for three years is not eligible, and must stay away from the Managing Committee for at least two years.

The Election Observers will receive nominations until 20th June 2020 for the posts of:

(i) President,

(ii) Vice-President,

(iii) Treasurer,

(iv) Secretary and

(v) up to five Committee Members.

This will be done by a chain email as follows:

A Member proposing a candidate for a post must send an email to a member willing to second the nomination, who in turn will forward the email to the candidate standing for elections. The candidate should forward this chain email to the Observers along with his / her acceptance. The post should be mentioned in the chain of emails.

{Proposed By –> Seconded By –> Candidate –> Observers}

Elections, if needed, will be notified after 20th June 2020 and conducted electronically through emails between mid-July 2020 and end July 2020. The OLA Membership Register will remain closed from 20th June 2020 till August 1st 2020. The new Committee will take office from the conclusion of the next OLA Annual General Meeting.

Sent on behalf of the observers,

Anuli Katakam    Prashant Menon   Viju Parameshwar


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