Dear OLs,

Founders is fast approaching and the OL office has set up links to book your tickets for the OL Dinner & Dance, and do the OL Founders Registration well in advance, to make it a hassle free experience for you.

Please read the description of the links and choose the one applicable to you.

1. Founders Registration for all OLs :

This is a common link for all batches and is ONLY for OLs. Kindly register yourself and bring a copy of this to collect your registration pack.

2. Dinner & Dance Ticket (for 2016 batch only) :

This price for this link will remain constant for the 2016 batch up to May 20th. However, please don’t forget to do the Founders registration.…/ol-dinner-dance-2016-batch-only/

3. Dinner & Dance Ticket (for batches 2012-2015) :

This link will has a special introductory price till the 30th of April 2016. From May 1st onward the price will change to Rs. 1,300/-. If you are bringing a partner, you will increase the quantity to 2. Please don’t forget to do the Founders Registration for yourself.…/ol-dinner-dance-for-batches-20…/

4. Dinner & Dance Ticket (for batches 2011 and below) :

This link is an early bird offer and the price will change to Rs. 1,500/- from May 1st. If you are bringing a spouse or partner, please change quantity to 2. Spouses do not need Founders Registration, but all OLs do.…/ol-dinner-dance-batches-2011-b…/


1. Those who cannot make electronic payments can mail me at [email protected] or call me on +91-9880019802 /9620676196 to make their bookings and register.

2. Spouses/partners DO NOT need registration. They will only need the tickets for the Dinner & Dance.

3. Rates for 2016 batch will remain the same throughout. However, after 30th April the rates for the Dinner & Dance will be raised to Rs. 1,300 for batches 2011-2015 and Rs. 1,500/- for batches 2011 and below.

4. All gate/spot registrations for Dinner & Dance will be Rs. 1,800/- regardless of batch.

5. Founders registration for OLs will be Rs. 650/- if done at school.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Warm regards,


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