Dear OLs,
As you all are aware, the Hon. President of India is going to be the Chief Guest for Founders and security is going to be quite heavy. To enjoy your time at school and avoid long delays, please get all your IDs done.
For OLs –
The OLA is issuing ID cards for all its members. Make sure you get yours! If you still haven’t got your ID, please click on the link below, pay for the ID and send me a picture so that I can process the same. If you have an old ID, all you need to do is whatsapp/email me a picture of you AND the old ID.
Those who have done this exercise, I’m doing the cards in batches and will start sending them out as and when they’re ready. To get the status of your card, please don’t hesitate to call or whatsapp me.
For Spouses, children & others :
OL spouses and children (together) will be charged Rs. 500. Extended family and others will be charged Rs. 500 per head. Please find below the link to register those accompanying you. This amount will go into the OLA corpus for the running of the office, hiring extra hands and making Founders a great experience for all. All spouse and visitor IDs will be issued by school. (That’s why we need an exact count).
Also attached is a a file to calculate the number of people attending Founders. All batch reps, kindly forward to your class so that a count of people can be determined. Once, all lists are sent to me by the batch, I will consolidate the information and forward it to school. ID Cards for family and guests of OLs will be prepared based on this list by school.
Should you have any query, please don’t hesitate to call me anytime.
Warm regards,

Sandya Kutappa

+91 98800 19802


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