Founders through the eyes of 2004 Batch

There is something special about stepping through the (brand new!) gates of our school 15 years after passing out and still feeling like we never left. The happiness of seeing friends and teachers and places we haven’t seen in so long and seeing all the present Lawrencians running around in their blazers and Sunday kits knowing almost exactly how they feel! A thousand memories come flooding back as we walk up the slope to senior school and see the clock tower.
Meeting our teachers and the fact they remember our names and all that we did showing us that we weren’t just some kid but that they considered us a part of their lives just as they were a part of ours. Not to forget the sub staff who took care of us back then and did so even now by giving us icing bun and tea while we took shelter from the rain.
The three days of founders let us relive our memories, show us how the school has changed for the better and had us all wishing we could be back in Lawrence again.
It was a great finale to the 3 days with the amazing Beating the Retreat. With a smile on our faces and our memories rekindled we said goodbye to school till the next time the batch gets together. We head back to our lives knowing our home will always be here for us.
Never Give In.

Pics and Article sent in by

Varoonn Palaninathan

Batch of 2004


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