Heraldic Description of the Lawrence Crest


The following heraldic description of the Lawrence
Arms has been given by Sir Malcolm Hailey. He has also given an interpretation
of the same. The family motto, Never Give In, is also the school motto.




Arms        –   Ermine, on a cross raguly gules,
an eastern crown or, on a     chief azure, two swords in saltire proper,
pommels and hilts of gold, between as many leopards heads, argent.


Crest        – Out of an eastern
crown or, a cubit arm entwined by a wreath of laurels and holding a dagger, all




“Ermine+ – This is the “field” or colour of the ground of the shield
(some colours are metallic like “or” or “argent”, others are furs like “ermine”
or “Vair”). Ermine is white with black marks, the latter being the tails of the
animals. These tails appear on the ground of the shield.

“Cross raguly gules” – Every shield has partition lines which take
various forms: thus “bend” means a diagonal line from top left to bottom right,
“pale” means a vertical line dividing into two halves. In our case it is by
“cross”, i.e., divided into four quarters. The partition lines are of many
descriptions like “wavy”, “embattled”, “crenellated”. “Raguly” is the same as
these but with the crenellations put on the slant. “Gules” simply means red, as
“azure is blue, “vart” green.

An eastern crown” or a golden crown.

“On a chief azure” – The “chief is the broad band across the top of a
shield containing the uppermost third of the shield. The chief in this case is
“azure” or blue.

“In saltire” – used to describe the position of the arms, i.e., in this
case meaning the form of St. Andrews cross.

“Proper” – to show that natural colours are used, without any attempt
to assimilate it to any heraldic tincture.

“Argent” – silver.

“Cubit Arm” – used to describe the arm couped at the elbow, i.e., cut
off at the elbow. A cubit arm is, therefore, only two thirds of the entire arm.

“All proper” – in natural colours.




From the cradle to the grave,

Twix’t the backward and the brave,

There’s the slogan which defines life’s dual

“The Motto one upholds,

While the other course unfolds,

Gloomy memories of failures and remorses.

Then why leave the brightened path

For the desolate aftermath,

When the word of courage prompts you from within?
Would you prosper? Would you fail?
Would you sink, or would you sail?

Let “The Motto”, lad decide you –


“Ne’er Give In”

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