How To Add Picasa Album…


Please follow these steps to create an album in OLA site

1. Login to the site.

2. Click on the ‘Add Picasa Album‘ menu item in the left sidebar of the site ( The user who have the permission to add album in the site can only see this menu item ).

3.Now you can see a form,

3.1 Fill Album Title

3.2 Fill Picasa Link

  • Picasa Link means RSS feed of the album that you are already created in PICASA site.
  • It is important that the visibility mode of picasa album in PICASAsite must be “Public on the web”, otherwise your album in OLA Site not working properly.
  • In some times the RSS feed of picasa album starts with “https:”
    eg:…When you fillPicasa Link field plase replace the “https:” with “http:”eg:

3.3 Fill No. of Columns

  • No. of Columns of images gallery will have. (Minimum :1 Maximum :10 )

3.4 Fill Max. no of images

  • Maximum number of images will displayed in gallery

4.  Then if you want to see a preview of the gallery that you are going to create then click on ‘Preview’ buitton otherwise click on ‘Save’ button

5.  Your album is sucessfully created !

Thank you.


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