is it

Senthi has very carefully worded his reply to questions on the AGM.

On this website, he has reaffirmed that is the
official OLA website. Yet he posts nothing there. He posts a lot of things here
under the menu item “From the OLA President”. Is that official communication
from the OLA executive?

I confirm that I was given a CD containing the source code, the SQL dump of
the MySQL database, and some other files purporting to be the documentation of
the website allegedly at I was NEVER given admin
and access rights to the website, its database, or the server (equivalent of a
cpanel) containing the website. I have also not been given admin rights to the

HTTP://WWW.OLDLAWRENCIAN.IN. Nor do I want to be (the Minutes of the 2010 AGM as
passed has only allowed me to assist with the technical aspects if I wished).
There has been no handover of substance. I forgive Senthi for this, he is
non-technical and may have in good faith thought that what happened was a
handover. Indeed, he has often subsequently said that the website should
continue on Bala’s server. And as of now, from what he says in his message, it

At the meeting mentioned by Senthi, I proposed that I could migrate the
existing membership at that domain’s database to, and
that the pending entries could be made here. Palani said he preferred that it be
entered at Abhirami said she could complete this in about two
months. I agreed, subject to the domain http://www.oldlawrencian.inbeing
pointed to Since that meeting and the alleged AGM, I
have written several times that either (a) Senthi posts a note at that the content at http://olalovedale.netcontains
official OLA matters, or (b) point the domain here.

On a technical note, the content at has been done
in convoluted Java on a badly structured database (I am willing to send the SQL
dump and source code I received to any tech-savvy OLs for review). It will be
expensive to add even the simplest of functions (even if I could, which I
cannot, and do not want to, as stated above). I can understand where the Rs 2
lakhs went.

This website,, is the outcome of what I understood to
be my mandate (before I saw the Minutes of the 2010 AGM), and is a TEAM EFFORT
by a dedicated set of Old Lawrencians who have given considerably of their time,
effort and expertise. I have supplied technical resources from my own staff as
needed. We have not asked for a single Rupee from the OLA – not for the
webspace, not for the domain, and not for the development. Senthi has endorsed
it earlier, but now does not seem to do so. However, he still posts here, and I
presume he considers the content here somewhat more official than Oldlaws,
although he may stop short of saying it is official.

I am sick of this discussion. If you don’t want this to be the official
website of the OLA, Senthi, please just say so. On the other hand, if you do,
please redirect or post something there to that

Warm regards to all

Mathew Antony

Nil 1965


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