Meet Harshveer Singh Saluja ‘07, Aravalli.

Having played sports in school going to college in Mumbai was different. The shift was from a beautiful campus with sports fields in Ooty to a building in Mumbai. In college, I wanted to continue playing sports but due to lack of places, I ended up biking  and running.

I would curse the world while running cross country back in school. It was easy to find me in the last pack of finishers mostly. Nonetheless, I signed up for my first half marathon. Partner in crime was my batchmate Arun Kumar. Couldn’t have done it without his encouragement. We finished the half marathon and journey of running started from training for it. Since then I’ve managed to run a few ultra marathons and marathons.

I currently work for an Obstacle Racing company called Spartan. My job takes me around the world and I couldn’t be happier following my passion. The job also allows me to live in Goa, run on the beach and do yoga every morning. Bliss!!


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