Message from the President OLA


almost 3 years since the present committee took office at the OLA. It did take
us a while to learn the ropes and put a few things in place while acquainting
ourselves with OLs across the globe. At last year’s AGM we had informed the
body about starting an operations office at Bangalore to enhance the
communication among us. Sandy has been running it out of Thomas Mookken’s (OL
80) office for the last few months. She has been able to enrich the data bank
with the help of the CORE by which she has been able to extend support to
various chapters to organise their local get togethers. We’re confident that
this effort will go a long way in building a strong and lasting OLA. We urge
the community to take full advantage of the office.


Abiding by the Bylaws I’d like to inform the
community that the following persons will not be standing for re-election,
having served their three years:


John K Paul – President

T T Job – Vice President

Beena Belliappa – Secretary

Ramneek Singh – Treasurer

Tarun Chabra – Committee Member


Joseph John (Jojo – 79) who has served two years,
and E John Philipose (Pradeep- 80) who has served one year, are eligible to
stand for re-election. Considering that continuity may help strengthen the OLA,
the outgoing members of the Managing Committee have persuaded Jojo and Pradeep
to continue (provided they are re-elected), since there are a number of ongoing
projects, particularly with regard to the enhancement of inter-OL
communications. I request the support of OLs to have them re-elected to the
Committee as President and Secretary. A senior OL has consented to be the VP (
if elected ), who will also play the role of a guide and mentor.


The budget passed by the last Annual General
Meeting allowed for the spending of ` 4 lakhs (2.5 – Opp. secretariat, 1 –
revamping the website, 0.5 – newsletter) in support of the vision and mission
document prepared by a sub-committee of senior OLs. The Opp. secretariat as
mentioned is operating at Bangalore, and we have seen the newsletters which
have brought news of the OL community to our diaspora. We now plan the revamp
of the website, along with the development of apps (with appropriate backend)
for mobile phones which will provide new opportunities for networking among
OLs. Among the possibilities, we expect OLs visiting a new location to send a
reach out message to the OLs in that locality, professional consults and second
opinions for OLs needing health and other support services, and so on.


The cost for revamping the OLA website is expected
to be around ` 70,000. The new mobile app (enabled for Android and iOS) is
expected to cost around `240,000. It makes sense to have these developed
together so that they can be integrated as needed. We’ve moved forward with
this project so that we will be able to use it in a limited way before
Founder’s. We will present the excess expenditure for ratification at the
Annual General Meeting in May, 2015. Please send us your suggestions.

Something that has not been addressed is the
strengthening of the OLA itself by infusing funds that will allow the OLA to
become a cohesive and comprehensive support network for Lovedale’s Alumni.
Jojo’s commendable efforts over the last 18-20 months have brought to the
school about ` 79,000,000 from OLs, something that has never happened before in
the history of the school. We are sure that if he is given the opportunity to
serve the OLA as it’s President for the coming year, he will do his best in
strengthening the OLA which is the next step towards achieving our Vision and


I am taking this opportunity on behalf of the
committee to thank OLs from all over the world for supporting the efforts of
our team over the last three years. I trust the OLA will go forward with new
vigor and enthusiasm and become a source of pride and support for the Lovedale,
OL community.


warm regards,


John K Paul )


2013 – 15 )



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