OL Nation Summary : Sessions 1 to 7, June to Dec 2020

Dear Old Lawrencians, 

The OLA presents the OL Nation series of webinars which are broadcast on the 4th Saturday of every month. This alumni centric set of programs focused on thought leadership, knowledge sharing, networking and mentorship has come a long way since our launch in June last year. We are very proud of the success of the 7 sessions to date with many thousands of post broadcast views touching OLs from the 1940s to the current student faculty!

Here is a visual summary of Series 1, Sessions 1 to 7, June to Dec 2020 put together by Kalpana Kuttaiah PAN 80.


You may also watch the permanent recordings of all sessions on the official OLA Facebook and YouTube channels.

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We would like to thank all participants, current and former members of the OL Nation Working Group, fellow OLA Committee members led by President John Paul Kuttukaran VIN 70 and HM LSL Mr. K. Prabhakaran for their active involvement, contribution and encouragement. 

We have a series of sessions lined up for you this year and also the “Big Hill Broadcast” – one on one topical podcasts covering a range of topics.

As always, thank you OLs, for your support. Do drop us a line with your comments, ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism!


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