OLA Activities this year till date

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Dear Old Lawrencians,

Now, almost 9 months into
the present committee’s tenure,  I would
like to appraise you all on the activities we’ve been engaged in.

1. After many years of not
having the OL office in the School premises, we’re now back inside.

Mr. Uday  Kumar, who is working in the School &
was managing  the OLA affairs earlier is
back on board as the OLA Office Administrator.

2. The minutes of the last
AGM & the bylaws have been submitted to the Registrar of Societies at Ooty
and an ‘all submissions are in order’ receipt obtained.

3. During a recent visit to
the US, I met a number of OLs at Vegas, SFO & NY.  Many of the OLs expressed that they would like to & could
contribute a lot to the students through interactive video conferencing regarding
their profession and expertise, both to help students in deciding their careers
as well for them to stay in touch with their old Alma Mater. Some of them did
mention  that they  had expertise in setting up such equipment
and would even explore the feasibility of procuring the equipment free of cost.

The HM was quite delighted
at the idea of involving the OLs, especially those far away, in this
manner.This aspect was discussed with Mr Karthikeyan, the HR consultant of
School during the last OLA committee meeting at School on Jan 19th. He opined
that they were actually negotiating for an audio visual equipment for the Large
Hall, however, they felt that Large Hall is too big for frequent interactive
video conferencing and suggested that the English Lab would be better as it can
seat sufficient number of students taking part at any given time.

In case any of you have
expertise in setting up video conferencing
facilities, please send the details/ specifications to Mr Karthikeyan at
[email protected]

4. The School is also very
keen on having OLs help train teachers or students in areas they require but do
not have expertise in. Career counseling by OLs would be most welcome.

5. During the last few
years, OLs have contributed towards improvement of the school mainly through
their batch mechanism. Each batch had their own monitoring system. There have
been very little individual contributions due to trust deficiency between OLs and
the earlier school administration. The present Board of Governors, with a
number of OLs on board, have constituted an Infrastructure, Finance and HR
committees that have streamlined procedures in school. There is an OL member on
the board who looks after infrastructure projects. There is a purchase
committee consisting of representatives from school as well as representatives
of parents who are also OLs. There is another OL member on the board who clears
funds for these projects. The OLA committee has been interacting with the HM,
Bursar and OL members of the Board regarding tendering/ purchase procedures and
we are convinced that sufficient checks and balances are in place.

6. There are a number of OLs
residing abroad who are wanting to contribute to School, but have not been able
to do so because of Govt. restrictions. I have good news for them. FCRA   clearance has been obtained by the School
from the Govt. I have a copy of the Govt. letter which will be posted on the
OLA website shortly. Thus the school now has two accounts for receiving funds,
one for Indian remittances and one for foreign remittances. Details are given

a).  HDFC Bank Ltd, (Indian remittances)

Ettines Road,
Ooty,   Tamil Nadu


S.B. Account No.:

b).  State Bank of India (Foreign Contribution

Lawrence School Campus,
Lovedale, Ooty, Tamil Nadu.


S.B. Account No. : 31802983759

7. As mentioned earlier the
School is going in for a MODERN AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEM for LARGE HALL. The
projected cost is approximately 12 Lakhs. This may be an ideal project to be
financed by OLs as individuals or as batches. The procurement process can go through
the purchase committee of the school. Those who feel that there is an
opportunity to payback something to your Alma Mater may contribute directly.
There is a sense of urgency since they would like to set it up before Founder’s
this year. Small and big sums are welcome. Money can be sent to the respective
bank accounts. Thereafter, please send a mail to the Bursar with your details
and that of your contribution. Please indicate that it is for the AV system of
Large Hall. The Bursar is Cdr (Retd) Suresh Babu  and his email id is [email protected]. Please mark a
copy to Mr Uday Kumar who is looking after OLA office at Lovedale, his email id
is [email protected] This will help the committee to ensure that your contribution reaches the right
sub-account. Ramneek Singh, OLA Treasurer, who lives in Connoor, had been
designated to coordinate with the School for smooth execution of the project.

Regards to all,

Johnny Paul



President, OLA


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