Minutes of the OLA AGM 2017

Minutes of the Old Lawrencian Association Annual General Body Meeting, held at 2:30pm on 22nd. May 2017 at the Prep Hall, Junior School, The Lawrence School, Lovedale

1) Read and approve the notice convening the meeting :
The notice was read and approved.

2) Establishment of quorum :
A total of 88 members were present and hence the quorum was established. An extract of
the attendance register is attached as Appendix A.
The following members of the Managing Committee were present – Rukhmini Krishnan ‐
President, Deepika Medappa – Vice President, E John Philipose – Secretary, Kuntal Desai –
Treasurer, Nikhil Swaminadhan & Abhijeet Dhar ‐ Committee members.
The headmistress Ms. Sangita Chima was invited to attend the meeting.

3) Remembrances – A minute’s silence was observed to pay respect to the Old Lawrencians and Staff members who passed away during the year 2016‐17 :
OLs ‐ Noel Phillips – 1953 ( May 19th 2016 ), Vijay Swaminadhan ‐ 1955, Brian Philips ‐ 1958, Anand Swaminadhan ‐ 1960, Srilatha Swaminadhan ‐ 1960, Rex Rosario ‐ 1964, George Tharakan – 1967, Randolf Rosario – 1969 , K Badrinarayan – 1970 , Ramanuj Dasgupta – 1972 ( 5th May 2017 ), K G. Chengappa – 1982 , Abdul Waheed – 1987 and Varun Sharma (batch uncertain ).

Former Staff: Mr. Boppiah, Mr. Henry Daniel & Mr. P.E. Thomas.

4) Welcome by Secretary – The Secretary, E John Philipose welcomed the OL’s present,
especially the reunion batches of 1956‐57‐58, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1992 and 1997.

5) Address by Headmistress to the OL General Body – The headmistress, Ms. Sangita Chima was unable to attend the AGM as she was busy with organizational matters over the
President of India’s visit the next day.

6) Read and if thought fit approve the minutes of the previous AGM held on 23rd. May 2016
– As the minutes were posted earlier on all OL forums & also copies circulated in the house,
the same was considered as read, approved and passed. Proposed by: T Gundan ‐ 1959 and
Seconded by: Paul Sabapathy – 1957.

7) Presentation of the Annual report of the association – Secretary
Annual report of the Old Lawrencian Association – 2016‐17

MEMBERSHIP STATUS: Presently, we have 3,945 OLs in our database; of which 3282 are
registered members of the OLA.
MANAGING COMMITTEE: The Managing Committee met four times in this past year; twice at Lovedale and twice at Ooty.
OLA OFFICES: Our permanent office at School is managed by Udhaya Kumar Balraj. He is
assisted by Albert. Our virtual office, out of Bangalore is managed by Sandy Kuttappa.
STATUTORY COMPLIANCES: All statutory filings with the Registrar of Societies, Tamil Nadu are up‐to‐date. We are also up‐to‐date with our Income Tax returns. We have demands from the IT department for the financial years 2012‐13 & 2013‐14, and have filed for rectification. We await their reply. However, there has been no demand for the FY 2014‐15 & FY 2015‐16.
WEBSITE & APP: The OLA app for Android and iOS are fully functional and running. However, there has not been much additional traffic there in terms of downloads. I urge all OLs to check out the App. It will keep you abreast of all the happenings within the OL community. Shortly, we will be linking the App with Yohaan’s Oldlaws YouTube channel as well as the School & OL photo archive maintained by Indra Gill.
Our official web site cleanup and revamp will happen during the year 2017‐18.
OL NEWSLETTER: This year, we have brought out 4 editions of the newsletter. Sandy has done a wonderful job of the tiresome task of getting OLs to contribute articles and then compiling them. Also, I would like to thank all the OLs who have contributed with articles and request other OLs to help by sending in articles, photographs, etc.
OLA EVENTS: Our annual OLA Dinner and Dance was held at the Fern hill Palace on May 24th.
2016 and we had 425 people attending. A few OLs were very generous in contributing with
sponsorships. I would like to place their names on record – Sanjay Pothen, Arun Rajagopalan, Nyana Sabbarwal, Sanjeev Basappa, Kamal Chadda, Saher Ali, The OLA Golfers and the batches of 1981 and 1991. The OLA is very grateful and thanks them for their support.
The Committee hosted a lunch on the 25th. January 2017 at the Ootacamund Club for the
outgoing batch of 2017; welcoming them into the OL fraternity. Senior staff members from
School were also invited.
CHAPTER EVENTS: On this front, it’s been a quiet year; The Mumbai Chapter met twice and their second meet which was on the 2nd. Dec 2016 had over 100 OLs attending. The Bangalore chapter had their fabulous meet on the 27th Nov 2016. About 90 OLs were present.
REUNION BATCHES: This year, the very senior batches of 56/57 & 58 are having a joint reunion.
The 72, 77, 82, 92 & 97 batches are celebrating their 45th, 40th, 35th, 25th & 20th reunion. Every year, all batches seem to be having a reunion; so, it’s all getting very confusing. I wish these reunion batches the very best & I am sure that they are having a wonderful time catching up with old friends.
ALUMNI OFFICE: Approximately Rs 1.25 Crores was donated by OLs during the period 2016‐17 to our School.
The Alumni Office was started by the School four years back on 3 June 2013 and this donation over the last year brings the total donated by OLs, in this four year period , to now over Rs 9 Crores in Cash, in kind and with Interest accrued.
Of this Rs 9 Crores, over Rs 2 Crores remains unspent and lying with the School awaiting various approvals from the Tamil Nadu government ; for example towards building of new Stables and Support Staff housing etc.
Some of the remarkable projects initiated by the School over the past year with the help of OL funding are:
‐ Yoga as an Activity has started with the help of financial support from the Class of 1966
and the devoted time of Sangeeta Jairam, Class of 1987 who is our School Yoga Teacher.
‐ The Class of 1972 has gifted our School with the giant National Flag that is placed at the
centre of Top Flats now.
‐ The Class of 1981 have started a unique Shola Restoration project near Grass Pitch that
exposes our Students to the need to preserve the natural grasslands of our District
‐ Paul Sabapathy of 1957 and Pradeep Sarin of 1972 have established Scholarships with
financial benefits for Best Students in Math, English and Sports in various categories
‐ The Middle Flat Amphitheatre project financed by the Classes of 1984 and 1991 is taking
final shape and will provide seating for 2600 people, but more importantly, will retain
that face of the slope.
The OLA is always grateful to OLs who continue to support our School in such generous &
wonderful ways.
Mr. Joseph John of 1979 who has manned the Alumni Office for these past four years will leave this assignment in July 2017; as he does not want to lose his friendships by continuing to ask OLs to part with their money.
Fellow OLs; let’s give Jojo a big round of applause for his wonderful work.
BOARD MEMBERS: A new Board of Governors took charge in November 2016.
The following OLs are on this Board ‐

1. Uttara Vidyasagar 1963
2. Ramesh Rajan 1974
3. Sudhir Rao 1976
4. J Balamurugan 1979
5. Kartik Iswarmurthi 1989, Parent member
6. Arun Alagappan 1993.
We wish them all success in their term of Office.
OLA INITIATIVES: A Girl in the 7th Std., who is the niece of an OL and unfortunately an orphan ran into a financial problem and was unable to pay her school fees due to her inheritance being tied up in a court procedure. On a request from School, Ruku put out an appeal to the OL community and within a short period, contributions came in to cover her fees for one term; which was what the school required. We thank all the OLs who contributed towards this for their amazing kindness.
The OLA, on popular demand is working on a plan to restore the School cemetery. Ruku will elaborate on this in her talk.
Rachana Gandhi, 1962, Author and Psychologist, on a request from the OLA, took time out to visit school and speak to the Children and staff. Her talk was very well appreciated by both the students and staff.
OTHER MATTERS: I would like to place on record the Managing Committees’ gratitude and appreciation to Mathew Antony (1965 ) , John K Paul(1970) and Archana Gopakumar( 1995) for volunteering to serve on the Election observer’s committee. The nomination process was conducted very efficiently and smoothly. Thank you.
Patsy McGahan of the 1928 batch celebrated her 105th birthday. Patsy lives in Australia.

On behalf of the OL community, we presented her with a bouquet of flowers. This was done
through Mary Boozy of the 1959 batch. Quite possibly, Patsy is the Oldest living Lawrencian.
This year, too, for our Dinner & Dance, scheduled for tomorrow the 23rd. May, we expect to have a great turn out. Three OLs from the Nilgiris assisted the committee tremendously to organise this event. They are Gaurav Sharma (1997), Junaid Sait (1985), and Suresh Belliraj (1984). On behalf of the Managing Committee and all OLs, a big thanks Gentlemen; for your time and support.
Thank you, All. Have a wonderful Founders 2017.

8) To receive, consider and if thought fit, approve the audited balance sheet and income &
expenditure accounts of the association as on 31st March 2017 along with auditor’s report

The Treasurer presented the audited accounts of the OLA, attached as Appendix B,
which was also circulated to all present in the house. The Audited accounts were
unanimously passed by the General Body. Proposed by: T Gundan ‐ 1959 and Seconded by: Paul Sabapathy ‐ 1957.
The Treasurer further explained that there are a few entries in the balance sheet that have
been carried over from many years earlier and are now irrelevant. The same needs to be recategorized.
Though the Managing Committee has the authority to clean up the balance
sheet ; it was decided that the same would be presented to the General Body and
appropriate resolutions passed.
A. Under Schedule 3 – Batch Collection Account
a) Repair Fund and 1976 Batch Account: Rs.65,461/‐ . This is a carry‐over from
contributions to repairs done many years earlier and the same is now to be
treated as income. Sudhir Rao, representing the 1976 Batch agreed to the same.
Hence, the General Body resolved to treat this as Income.
b) Karnataka Chapter Collection Account: Rs.49,773/‐ . This amount too has been
carried over from years earlier and is the balance of the amount contributed for
repairs; this will now be treated as Income. Beena Belliappa of the Karnataka
Chapter was agreeable to the same. The General Body then resolved to treat this
amount too as Income.
c) 1977 Batch: Rs.4, 650/‐. This is the balance of an earlier contribution by the 1977
batch. Dinesh Madappa & Bojraj of the 1977 batch said that the same could be
treated as Income of the Association. The General Body resolved to treat this
amount as Income.
B. Under Schedule 4 – Other Liabilities.
a) There are two credit amounts in the Bank account without contributor/s details;
Rs.80, 861/‐ from 2008‐09 & Rs.64,090/‐ from 2014‐15. These too were to be
treated as Income.
The General Body resolved that the amount of Rs.80,861/‐ from 2008‐09 be
treated as Income .
It was also decided to once again try and ascertain from the Bank whether any
details are available for the credit of Rs.64,090/‐ as it is more recent. In case, this
attempt is unsuccessful, then a resolution can be passed at the next AGM, to
treat this credit balance during the year 2014‐15 as Income.

C. Under Schedule 6 – American Chapter Account – Rs.2,045.50.
As this is a payment carried over from many years earlier; the General Body
resolved to write off the amount and close the account.
D. Under Schedule 7 – Inksync – Rs.25,575/‐
This was the amount for which the Association did not receive a bill from M/s.
Inksync for printing of the OLA planners. The firm closed down shortly after
supplies were made to the OLA and hence we were unable to get a final bill from
them. However, the association has received all the ordered planners and hence
the General Body resolved to close the account as all the ordered and paid for
materials were received.
All the above resolutions for corrections in the accounts of the Association for the year
2017‐18 were proposed by T. Gundan – 1959 and seconded by Paul Sabapathy – 1957.

9) To appoint auditor’s and fix their remuneration – The Secretary informed the General Body that Mr. John Mathew is eligible to be appointed as auditor and was willing to continue on the earlier terms. This was unanimously passed by the general body. Proposed by: Beena Belliappa ‐ 1970 and Seconded by Nikhil Swaminadhan ‐ 1983.

10) Budget for the OLA office for the year 2016‐2017 – The Secretary presented the budget
for the year 2016‐17; attached as Appendix C. This was also published on the website and
copies were circulated in the house and was unanimously passed by the general body.
Proposed by: Chetan Popat – 1971 and Seconded by: E Jai Chacko ‐1961.

11) OLA President’s address –
It has been a great year. Thank you all for making it happen.
We welcome the Class of 56/57 and are privileged to have them in our midst for their 60th
reunion. They certainly have the “never give in” spirit, for sure, and we must applaud them for it. I request them to stand up.
A few words about what the OLA has tried to achieve and has achieved in the last year.
The cemetery project :
Soon after I took over in 2016, as President, the OLs from UK, followed by their batch mates and soon followed by other OLs wrote stating that they would like to see the day that the cemetery was restored and maintained.
Over the years OLs have been sending contributions towards the cemetery. BACSA( British
Association for Cemeteries in South Asia) representatives have visited in the past, but things did not happen. I do believe that inspite of all efforts, the time has to be right and I know it is now. With the help of OLs, Zarir Batliwala (1965) and B N Balachandran (1969) and the support of the School, the OLA has come to a position where BACSA has made a grant of Rs. 4 lakhs and the School has committed to building the cemetery wall for which Rs. 4 lakhs has been approved.
All that is left now is the Board approval and your contributions. I have absolutely no doubt that OLs will make it happen.
ID cards :
For some it was a painful procedure. Sorry about that.
We had no idea that the President was to be chief guest and that you would have to fill in yet another form. However, it has worked out well but with a few unavoidable glitches.
The photo id you have around your neck will make it easier for you at the security gate. It’s your passport to school.
Because of the photo id we are now closer to a complete data base of OLA members. Many of those who were unaware of the membership became members.
Upgrading of the OLA website & The School history book :
The idea to upgrade the website came after considering the uploading of the school history
book. Thomas Mookken (1980) and Kartik Raghava Murthy (1984), helped with the upgrading of the OLA website. Soon it will be just one click to get OLA news, to purchase memorabilia, view photos, blogs and so much else. Please make it worth the effort by clicking on < www.olalovedale.net >. Later the mobile app will be synced to the website.

The School history book ‐ “Glimpses of the past” was the brain child of Nithya Mathai (1977), and Mr. Thomas George. Both were teaching staff at the time; Mr. George still is.
They researched and sought material from the school archives and the “Lawrencian”
magazines. It was for them a passion and though painstaking work, in addition to their teaching responsibilities, the material was collected and sent to Prem Rao (1967).
Prem collated the masses of material, rearranged and edited it, adding considerable
supplementary material. Joseph Thomas (1957) stepped in and was instrumental in
contributing researched information on Sir Henry Lawrence, on which subject he is an expert.
JT dreamt that this project see the light of day; today his dream and that of the team will be fulfilled.
Beena Belliappa (1970) encouraged the team and motivated them to carry on, when they were about to give up.
Then it was the turn of the OLA to assist and we suggested the book be uploaded the OLA
website. So, almost ten years later, the first 50 years of “Glimpses of the past” is to be
In a little while we will launch the book

From this year, the OLA committee has done away with the Founders registration fee of rupees five hundred for members. However, we need income for administration costs and we hope to get this from the sale of memorabilia.
This year, we have a range in variety and price. Please visit the OLA shop on the front lawn and buy!! Card swipe facilities are available.
As you can see from the accounts circulated, the OLA runs on a tight budget. We welcome
contributions to the corpus. My dream is that one day you will not have to pay for the dinner dance!! I will have to pass on the dream to the next president!!
[email protected]:
Rashid Kapadia (1977) and I had a chat on Skype and during the conversation the idea of
[email protected] happened. [email protected] will have two faces ‐ talk to the students or talk on YouTube. We will source OLs who have had interesting career experiences and would like to share a true account of their choices. The other would be a talk on YouTube which the students could pick up anytime and listen to a topic of their choice. Rashid and I will oversee this project with Senthil Chengalvarayan (1981) taking the controls. Old Lawrencians who are interested to be a part of talks @lovedale please write to me and watch the OLA website for [email protected]
We have to say goodbye to JP, or John Philipose. He has been an amazing secretary and a
thoughtful human being. He has been responsible for the smooth functioning of the OLA and has been active in all departments. A calm and helpful soul, he is always there when we need him. Thank you, JP, for your dedication and thank you for Gaurav Sharma, who takes your place.
We all need to say a big thank you to Sandy, Udayakumar and Albert. Sandy has worked
overtime with the ID cards and security forms. The dinner dance and the million phone calls and emails; in the middle came the Newsletter. Better late than never!! She did all this with a very sick father to care for. Thank you, Sandy.
Udayakumar is our stalwart accountant. He maintains our accounts meticulously and cares for OLA property. He always is with a big smile and helpful nature. Thank you, Uday.
Albert is a driver, a salesman at the OLA shop, a minder at the OLA dance. Romba nandri,
Albert. Thank you.
Finally, thanks to all OLs who are present here today and those who have supported the
committee and me over the year. Our dream to make our school the best school in India is fast nearing reality and this can only happen with an engaged and supportive Alumni community.
Thanks once again.

12) Book Launch – “Glimpses of the Past.”
Nitya Cherian Mathai (1977) presented a brief introduction to the book and thanked all the
individuals who were instrumental in bringing the project to fruition.
The book was launched by Joseph Thomas (1957), who gave an overview. Currently, only
Part 1 of the book has been hosted on the OLA website. The other parts are to be hosted in
due course.
At the end of this book launch, Nitya Mathai was made a Honorary Member of the OLA by
the OLA President.

13) Election of office bearers for the period 2016‐17 – The Secretary stated that the
nominations for election of the OLA office bearers for 2017‐18 was conducted online by an
Observers Committee headed by Mathew Antony ‐1965. He invited Mathew Antony to
announce the results. As all the candidates were nominated unopposed, they were
considered as elected. Mathew read out the election results ‐
President – Rukhmini Krishnan – 1961
Vice President – Arun Rajagopalan – 1996
Secretary – Gaurav Sharma ‐ 1997
Treasurer – Kuntal Desai – 1980
Members – Abhijeet Dhar – 1995, G G Poothicote – 1985, Senthil Chengalvarayan –
1981, S Kartik Raghava Murthy ‐ 1984.

14) Constitution of the Managing Committee –The Election of Office bearers and the
Constitution of the Managing Committee was approved. Proposed by T Gundan – 1959 and
Seconded by Paul Sabapathy – 1957.

15) Talk by Reunion Batch Reps & other matters– Various OLs spoke on behalf of their reunion batches.
The 1982 Batch represented by J Krishna Dev Rao presented a cheque to the OLA Alumini
office; Rs. 35 lakhs for their 35th reunion! Krishnadev Rao informed the meeting that since
2013, the Batch of 1982 has contributed a total of over two Crores to the School for various development projects. All members present appreciated their generosity and commitment and gave them a round of applause.

16) Acceptance by the new President – The new President, Rukhmini Krishnan thanked all OLs for the honour of being elected, once again, as the OLA President. This is a responsibility that she does not take lightly. There is a great team in place and the new OLA committee will continue to make a difference. She stressed on the utmost importance of participation of all OLs and requested for constructive ideas and feedback after the Founders and wished all OLs very enjoyable Founders.

17) Vote of Thanks – Paul Sabapathy – 1957 thanked all attending OLs and wished them the very best.

18) The meeting concluded with the singing of the School Song

E John Philipose ‐1980
Secretary – OLA

Minutes of the OLA AGM 2017


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