OLA Election

Dear OLA Members,

During the additional time provided for fresh nominations, we have received the nomination of Mr. Prashant Menon, Vindhya, 1994 for the post of Treasurer complete in all respects. Accordingly, we now have the following nominations:

John K. Paul, 1970                                    President

Elizabeth (Beena) Belliappa, 1970            Vice-President

Tini Korah, 1990                                        Secretary

Prashant Menon, 1994                              Treasurer

Rohan Shetty, 1986                                   Member

Their respective CVs are enclosed for your information.

Under the Rules of the OLA, Nominees must satisfy criteria under Rule 14 and not be disqualified under Rule 15.2. For your ready reference Rule 14 and Rule 15.2 are reproduced below. If any member believes that any one of the candidates is disqualified from being a candidate in terms of any subsection of the enclosed Rules, kindly mail any of the Election Committee with your concerns by August 5th.

Best Regards,

Anuli Katakam    Nithin Lakshmanan      Viju Parameshwar

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14. Qualifications of Managing Committee Nominees

14.1 A person shall not be qualified to be chosen as a member of the MC unless,

14.1.1 She / he has attained twenty-one years of age; and

14.1.2 She / he is a member in good standing.

14.1.3 She/he completed 2 years in the school other than in Prep School.

14.1.4 In the case of a nominee for the President, she/he should have been a member of the MC for at least a year in the past.

15.2 A person shall be disqualified for being chosen as, and for being a member of the

Managing Committee,

15.2.1 if She /he is so disqualified under any law for the time being in force;

15.2.2 She/he is of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent court;

15.2.3 She/he is an undischarged insolvent;

15.2.4 She/he has been sentenced or convicted by a criminal court for a crime of moralturpitude or the commission of an act or omission involving dishonesty, fraud or breach of fiduciary duty;

15.2.5 She/he holds any office of profit under the Association;

15.2.6 She/he is interested in any subsisting contract made with any work being done

for the Association except as a share holder (other than a member of the board) in anincorporated company or as a member of a co-operative society;

15.2.7 She /he is retained or employed in any professional capacity either personally or in the name of a firm of which s/he is a partner or with which s/he is engaged in a professional capacity, in connection with any cause or proceedings in which the Association is interested or concerned;

15.2.8 She/he was involved in gross negligence, wilful or intentional misconduct or a material violation in relation to the OLA’s MoA, ByLaws or Rules;

15.2.9 She/he fails to pay any arrears of any kind, other than as an agent, receiver, trustee or an executor, to the Association within 60 days after a notice in this behalf has been served upon him.


John K. Paul, President :


Elizabeth (Beena) Belliappa, Vice-President:


Tini Korah, Secretary:


Prashant Menon, Treasurer:


Rohan Shetty, Member:



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