R.A.Geetha,Sri Sri Ravishankar and Me!!!!!!

By the way, Sri Sri is our age, studied in St.Joseph’s, Bangalore!! They say HE went to the forest for 3 days and came back “ENLIGHTENED”, not unlike The Buddha!! The truth is (If you recall the “Hip” culture of the 70’s!!), He found a Garden of wild Cannabis Indica -a.k.a. Marijuana – Grass!!!!!! He tripped immaculate for 3 days and 3 nights (Wow!!), thus he breathed in that particular way and being rather “enlightened- a.k.a. ‘Stoned Immaculate” said,” So!!! Um” , which has been changed to “SOHUM!!”Actually he meant “Oh Mum” being rather attached to his Mater!!! Thus started this cult, okay at first, next, “Oh Well”, finally RIDICULOUS!! On Sivarathri night, Our Hero dons a silver foil moulded as a half moon and suddenly becomes LORD SHIVA!JAI MARIJUANA!!Hey,I am already The Reverend of The Class of 1972,WHY NOT START MY VERY OWN??
Thine GURU!!!


Aaaah…folks!! when i told our Sir IRReverend here I’d just finished attending an Art Of Living course, i should have KNOWN we’d all find enlightenment on this page!!




Hurry Home.. heehee..n Dev’s SriSriKumar is brilliant! JaiGuruDev!


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