Report from the Alumni Relations Office – May 2014

Dear OLs


It is just under a year since we started the Office for
Alumni Relations and I give below an update…the recent developments appear
later in the lists.


I am grateful to all OLs who have supported our School in
such unprecedented and generous ways. In a tough economic year, it is simply
amazing that we have raised close to Rs 5 Crores and I thank you most


I am grateful to the Board of Governors and the School
Management for extending my contract for another 12 months…till 31 May
2015..and I seek the sustained cooperation and contribution from OLs in the
coming year too. There are a few major Projects lined up for 2014-15.


I am specially grateful to Arjun Rajaratnam, my Senior from
the Class of 1976, who has so reliably and kindly supported us by transferring
almost US Dollars 100,000 from US donors over the past year….with much more to


An Update from the Projects
and Alumni Relations Office dated 15 May 2014

Old Lawrencians have
generously contributed over Rs 475 lakhs between 3 June 2013 and 15 May 2014 in
receipts/pledges and in kind. Some of the Projects are:

1. A new Pavilion with Roof
coming up on Top Flats along with an undeclared project: Rs 50 lakhs+ from the
Class of 1990: work started in Feb 2014…completing by 20 May 2014

2. Wooden Floors for 4 Badminton
Courts at the Gym, now called the ABC..Alumni Badminton Centre: Class of 1994
supported by many OLs across Batches: Rs 34 lakhs: work started in Jan 2014,

3. Campus wide WiFi facility
enabled by 1 Mar 2014: Class of 1964: Rs 13 lakhs

4. Two day Training for all Staff
happened 31 July: MM Venky Sum76: Rs 3 lakhs

5. All year Hockey Ground at
Pichees Flats : freshly fenced/levelled/marked with new Goal Posts: Koshy
Varghese Vin80: Rs 4 lakhs: Started Playing on 27 Jan 2014

6. One High Pressure Washer
donated by Farrokh/ 1982: July 2013

7. Stables Renovation: Rs 50
lakhs from Class of 1982: work to start by Jul 2014

8. New Career and Personal
Counselling Room: inaugurated by the Class of 1983 on 28 Sept 2013: Rs 7.5

9. Two Squash Courts Renovation
completed on 12 Oct 2013: Hardeep Singh/1984: Rs 5.5 lakhs…now also supporting
a full time Squash Coach at School…

10. Support Staff Toilets and
Housing: Recd Rs 19 lakhs from the Class of 1988 ,Rs 29 lakhs from the Class of
1998 and Rs 5 lakhs from other started 21 Oct 2013, first phase
inaugurated 5 Feb

11. Senior School Classroom
Furniture replaced completely by the Class of 1989 in July 2013: Rs 17

12. Sixty Four Framed Posters of
Sports/Music Stars adorn all Junior/Senior Dorms: Jayant/1989

13. Two new Synthetic Tennis
Courts inaugurated 24 Mar near Staff Club: Class of 1989: Rs 20 lakhs

14. Twenty Mountain Cycles
donated by Arun Alagappan/1993 to start a new Cycling Club in Aug

15. Four 42 inch LED Televisions
donated by the Class of 2005 for Senior School Dorms in Aug 2013

16. New Band Instruments
andTrophies worth Rs 4.5 lakhs donated by the Class of 1977 to help the School
Band participate in the IPSC Band Competition on 29 Nov 2013

17. Two 42 inch LED Televisions
donated from General Alumni donations for Junior School Dorms

18. US Dollars 20000 donated by
Dr Paul Mathew Vin81 to kick off a new World Class Learning Resource Centre at
Lovedale in association with the Class of 1999 who will lead this Project..Rs 35

19. Rs 4 lakhs worth of new Lego
Kits and Laptops donated from General Alumni funds for the School Robotics Club
in November 2013..

20. Rs 2 lakhs raised from 3 CP
Mammen Brothers and a few OLs to support a new Mac Computer and Software for the
School Media Department

21. Rs 47 lakhs+ pledged by the
Class of 1992 for renovation of Middle Flats seating…money transfers have
started coming in, work will start June 2014 and complete by early

22. Ten “Temporary” Toilets will
be located around the Campus by May 2014 to be in place to cater to Visitors,
esp during Founders…costing Rs 2 lakhs from General OL donations

23. A new Audio/Video
Sound/Projection and Lighting system with Curtains worth Rs 20 lakhs gifted to
the Large Hall by the Class of place by 15 May 2014

24. One Hundred Chairs, a
Projector with Screen to be gifted by the Class of 1986 to the School Conference
Room now at Junior School…costing Rs 10 lakhs…by June 2014

25. Dinesh Madapa Class of 1977 ,
an A Grade Squash Coach in New Zealand, coached the Children at Squash in Oct
2013 for a week…Ali Shah, Class of 1998 and budding Bollywood Star and Theatre
Enthusiast will direct the School Play at Founders 2014, the first time an OL is
involved with such a Production…

26. The Class of 1984 have
pledged Rs 50 lakhs to renovate the Staff Club, add a new Fitness Centre and buy
new Equipment for Gymnastics…by July 2014

27. Two OLs from the Class of
1979 have sponsored a book “Inside Out” by a Staff member Ms Shangon DasGupta
that will be released during Founders 2014..Rs 1 lakh

28. Idlis are extremely popular
with the Students these days because Idli Podi supplies for two years in
Lovedale will be sponsored by an OL from 1986

29. The Class of
1989 have gifted Instant Geysers and Washing Machines for all Girls School Dorms
in March 2014…Rs 1.5 lakhs

30. Raj Majumder of the Class of
1991 gifted 11 Computers, a Conference Table along with 14 Work stations and a
lot of furniture, two printers and some Telephone Instruments to various
departments of the School in March 2014

And….various discussions are
going on with different Groups and a few individual OLs to add to this…all as
per the School Wish List…with the sole aim of helping our School become the Best
CoEd Residential School in India….Never Give In !


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