Report from the Consultant – Projects and Alumni Relations 21 June2013

Dear Johnny and Team OLA

Pleased to report on the progress of our new Alumni Office over the last 3
Between 3 and 21 June 2013, we have received Rs 23.25 lakhs.
We have received a further Rs 47.04 lakhs in firm pledges of which Rs 5.60
lakhs is on its way from USA/Malaysia.
Total receipts+ pledges= Rs 70.29 lakhs
Sincere Thanks to all OLs who have responded so quickly and generously. I
hope this can be sustained.
We are using these funds for:
1. Total overhaul of all Senior School Classroom Furniture. We are aiming
that the Kids will have new desks/chairs by the time they return on 3 Aug 2013.
Thanks entirely to the Class of 1989 for this pledge.
2. Work on repairing and renovating the Squash Courts is going on, thanks
to Hardeep 84. Two OLs are coming next term to Coach the students.
3. Work on providing new/renovated Support Staff Housing/Toilets will start
shortly. Many Thanks to the Class of 1988 for initiating this project with
4. A major part of funding two new synthetic Tennis Courts is completed.
Once we get a bit more cash, we should get this job also done.
I request Mathew to post this on our website and Yohaan to post on the
Oldlaws Facebook group. I will post on OLA Core.
Thanks for your support and cooperation,


Best Regards

Joseph John (Jojo)
Vindhya 1970 – 79
Consultant – Projects and Alumni Relations


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