March 22,2012.

Dear Fellow Office Bearers and OLs,

Yesterday was the last day for the 21 clear days, to issue a notice to hold the OLA EGM so as to ammend the OLA Bylaws. Then only can the Bylaws be approved at the OLA AGM to be held on the 3rd May,2012; since I am not able to call for the OLA EGM.

I am pleased to place my resignation as the President of the OLA; for the following reasons also :

1. Joseph Chackola, the choosen Secretary, was never able to attend any of the OLA work; and tendered his resignation. On his resignation I had to convince J.Balamurugan, to be the acting Secretary.

2. Since I, technically do not know about a website; it took a very, very long time to have the OLA website transfered from Bala to Mathew Anthony, and there are still hassles in the matter.

3. The confusion,etc during the 2011 OLA AGM, you OLs know the cause; and I for one do not want to point my fingers at anyone and I take the sole responsibility.

4. I was not able to get the bylaws ammended, simply because of Joseph Thomas’s ego clash with A.Palaniappan and further he resigned as the Chairman of the committee which was finalising the bylaws, stating that he had lost confidence in me.

5. With Bala’s busy personal schedule, I am guilty that I was not able to have an OLA EGM organised to ammend the OLA Bylaws.

With my resignation, I as confident that Palani will hold the reins of the OLA.

The following important work are pending, and needs top priority attention :

a. To move the file of the OLA; at the Department of Registerer of Socities, Chennai.

b. Having got the Income Tax Permanent Number for the OLA, the Income Tax Returns have to be submitted with the Income Tax Department at the earliest possible. Unfortunately we have a very busy Auditor.

Sorry OLs, TT.Job and the Batch of 1966, for letting you down, for the one and only reason, that I was not able to move on in many major issues at any point of time.

M.S.P.Senthikumar ( ex-Vin 1955/66 )


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