Scaling New Heights

Tashi Malik and Nungshi Malik many congratulations to you both –
In their words –

“From an extreme, epic adventure experience … apparently we showed stunning performance, far beyond, our own and orgnisors’ expectations. Bear Grylls is in awe of us & our extreme mental and physical robustness! With 4 days sea training, 4 days Jungle survival & Navigation trg and 7 days MTB practice we braved 400 km in ocean/rivers/lakes, 200 km MTB over most rugged terrain & 100 km trek cum navigation thru tropical jungles non stop 11 days & nights. We’re apparently one of the featured stars of this biggest adventure production ever. Amazon prime video will telecast the race early next year … & what a blockbuster telecast it promises to be! We’re asked strictly not to disclose any details of the event & outcome with anyone till its release so we will wait to see the race and its outcome on Amazon prime !”


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