The Lawrencian – May 2013


The Lawrencian May 2013 is an epic landmark in publications from the school. Rohan Sabharwal (OL 1997) spent the first few months of 2013 at school, helping to create a Media and Communications department. Students contributed substantially or wholly to a number of exhibits (videos, photos, magazines, posters) that were the highlight of the Exhibitions during Founders. Rohan was all praise for their enthusiasm, hard work, and their speed of learning of tools and techniques.

The school website has been completely revamped by this department and is a showpiece of excellence.

The 2013 May edition of the Lawrencian was also produced in this Department. It can be viewed here. This is a large file (some 36 Mb), so please be patient while it loads- the wait will be worth it.

This is copyrighted, so please do not upload elsewhere.


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