The Reunion – 1988 batch

by Pramila Nambiar

Lovedale brings back beautiful memories – or at least most of them are. Memories of crisp mornings, the smell of eucalyptus trees and the exhilaration and heartbreaks of inter-house sports. But most of all it brings back memories of childhood spent among friends who are bonded for life.

5 years ago we met as a batch for our 25th reunion. At that reunion we rediscovered those bonds that we had built in school. Many of us were meeting for the first time after 25 years. However this time it was different. WhatsApp had kept us connected – and ties had been cemented since 5 years ago. This year, our 30th reunion, we came together again to recreate that magic.

Firstly a big thank you to all those responsible for organising the reunion. There is Founders and that is the reason we come back – or is it? What we really come back for is to relive our childhood for a few days, leaving our real lives out side the doorstep. And that reunion spirit and camaraderie was created by all the batch organisers. The uniforms, the souvenirs, the food, the hotel – and of course the “liquid diet” that kept spirits high.

We had a schedule for each of those 3 days. Starting from Tai Chi early in the morning to the batch get together at night. We practised for the parade (and did we look smart!) and of course practised our rusty dance steps every night. One of the nights we had a wonderful bonfire that kept many of us going till the wee hours of the morning.

While this reunion was wonderful and will remain etched in our memories it was also one of the saddest for the batch. We lost our dear friend Gautam Nanda on the 26th of May. Gautam left us for his heavenly abode a few hours after the school parade – marching in step with the batch at the parade – and then listening to the eternal drummer on his final march. His booming laugh and gentle nature will never be forgotten. The tears may have dried and the pain may have started to dim – but we will never forget that gentle and wonderful friend, loving husband and doting father.

We left school even more committed to stay in touch – and keep the spirit of school and the 88 batch strong . Till the next time then …….



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